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    Cold Steel DVD Warriors Edge. As many of you know, I am not enamored with the oft repeated saying: `If you get in a knife fight, expect to be cut.` The reason is that this saying condemns even the highly skilled knife fighter to be wounded, disfigured, disabled or even killed if ever forced to put his training with a blade to the test. This is why for the past ten years, I have spent an enormous amount of time in full contact sparring with my training partners to develop a knife fighting method that allows the properly trained fighter to vanquish his enemy with minimal risk of being cut or stabbed in the process. During this developmental period I have borrowed heavily from Western Fencing, and Filipino Martial Arts, including Lameco Escrima, Japanese Ken Jitsu, and Western Boxing as well. I have even added techniques and methods that are entirely my own. The result of this effort is a knife fighting method which stresses the avoidance of close range in favor of long range techniques aided by footwork, rhythm, timing, speed and superior tactics and strategy. Recognizing that many of my customers can't attend our seminars on this subject, I have condensed our basic course onto 3 DVD's so you can now study, and train in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

    What's more, I guarantee that if you study them faithfully and practice diligently with a training partner you will gain the skill and ability necessary to give you a huge advantage if ever forced to defend your life or a loved one's with a fighting knife. -Lynn C. Thompson, President, Cold Steel, Inc.


    Disc One: 1 hour 52 minutes
    Volume 1,

    Introduction to Long Range Knife Fighting: Subjects covered will be three ranges of knife fighting, and the types of knives you may encounter and demonstrations of their cutting and piercing power. Other topics include, how knives may concealed, how to make a Cold Steel® style training knife, why your knife must be strong and sharp, and how to grip the fighting knife.

    Volume 2,

    On Guard Stance & Footwork: This tape teaches the clock concept, our basic on guard stance, common mistakes made in assuming the fighting stance, and footwork, including forward, backward, lateral, diagonal, and circular movement as well as the replacement step, lunge, flechè and leaping attack. This is an absolute must have DVD as there are no knife fighters of any consequence out there who don’t possess superior footwork.

    Disc Two: 3 hours 18 minutes
    Volume 3,

    Thrusts & Slashes: How to use the point of your fighting knife to execute the rake, speed jab, power stab, and épée thrust as well as elliptical and circular stabbing methods. Also taught on this volume will be how to use the edge of your knife to slash cut, chop, hack, snap cut and vertical whip as well as the 12 angles of attack.

    Volume 4,

    Defense: How to use defensive footwork, defend against attacks on your knife hand, evasion patterns and techniques, parrying, stop hitting, counter slashing and stabbing and blocking with your knife edge. Also taught will be the use of the empty hand to stop-hit, beat, parry, block, tap, and chop with, and the concept of Mai, or judging distance will be covered.

    Disc Three: 1 hour 55 minutes
    Volume 5,

    Offense: How to recognize and exploit the 21 common openings or weaknesses in your opponent’s defense.The five principles in creating openings and the 11 pillars of strategy.

    Volume 6,

    Training Drills and Sparring: How to perform training drills that will develop the skills and attributes you need before proceeding to spar. Also actual sparring instruction and demonstrations.


    Cold Steel

    Cold Steel

    Cold Steel Inc. is opgericht in 1980. Een bedrijf die – het maken van de sterkste en scherpste messen in de wereld – heeft als uitgangspunt. Innovaties hebben in de afgelopen drie decennia altijd al een invloedrijke bijdrage geleverd binnen de messenindustrie. De supersterke en scherpe San Mai III® staalsoort en de Tri_Ad™ Lock & Locking waren bijvoorbeeld baanbrekend introducties geweest. Zij maken onder andere vaststaande messen, zakmessen, zwaarden, machetes, blaaspijpen en andere vechtsport- en trainingswapens. Hun producten worden wereldwijd gebruikt onder andere door militairen en politie voor trainingsdoeleinden. Een groot aantal producten worden ook gebruikt in actiefilms, TV shows en spellen. De Cold Steel Bowie Bushman kwam bijvoorbeeld voor in The Hunger Games (2012) en in The Wolverine (2013) was de Magnum Tanto XII in te bewonderen. Zelfs in de hilarische actie/komedie Mr. and Mrs. Smit (2005) waren meerdere Cold Steel producten te zien. De typische Amerikaanse manier van presenteren komt op de meeste Europeanen soms wat overweldigend over maar is vooral bedoeld om de kwaliteit van de producten weer te geven. Onder de liefhebbers is een groot aantal verzamelaars van deze hoogwaardige producten. Ook worden de producten werkelijk getest onder zware en veeleisende omstandigheden. Hierdoor zijn er ook veel tevreden gebruikers onder Outdoor- en Bushcraft liefhebbers.
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